Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reading My Way Across the USA


So I read most of Endangered while I was on a plane to Las Vegas, we arrived just in time for record heat! I know that it got to at least 117 each day that we were there!  We were ready for heat, but that was HOT! What was really strange to us was that it did not cool down much at night.  The city lights were beautiful at night.  As we cooled off by the pool I finished Endangered and I really loved it.  It had action and adventure, it had apes and a great heroine who really had to use her wits as SHE was endangered through most of the story. I highly recommend this book for 5 & 6th graders.

PlunkedNext we were headed to Mesa, Arizona (more heat!) and the book that I pulled out of my bag was Plunked by  Michael Northrop.  This is a perfect book for baseball fans. Jack Mogens is going through some trouble at the plate as he prepares for baseball season to get into full swing!  This book has lots of great, detailed recounts of Jack's trials and tribulations on the baseball field. Great book for grade 3 and up.

After a week in Arizona we headed north, visited the Grand Canyon (just incredible!) and we are staying in Mesquite, Nevada still hot, but down to 106. That's a cool down!  We visited Zion National Park in Utah today.  Amazingly beautiful! My next book from the bag is Cosmic. More on that next time.

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