Thursday, June 19, 2014

EES Summer Reading Challenge

This year we at EES are proud to present a new opportunity!  We are instituting a SUMMER READING CHALLENGE! We are always encouraging our children to read, we know that it is an important skill, but sometimes it’s difficult to get kids to read over the summer.  “School’s out!” they’ll say. “We shouldn’t have to read over the summer!” But we know that to keep skills sharp that kids do need to read over the summer, so we have set a challenge.  If our students, as a combined group, read 40,000 minutes this summer Mrs. Seavey and the staff will participate in a crazy stunt to kick off the school year.  Students will be bringing home a reading log to keep track of the minutes they read, and then we’ll tally them up when they come back to school.  All reading counts: reading a book, reading on an electronic device, reading a magazine, even listening to books counts!  Whatever form it takes remember to log it and it will count.  For bonus minutes enter a few sentences about your book here as a comment so that other readers can get great ideas for their next book!

Happy summer reading!

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